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Every buying decision made on emotional needs

We walk in your buyers’ in shoes

You don’t have other ways to serve them

Hire us to astonish your customers

Welcome to FlashMA Technology

FLASHMA technology is an affordable digital marketing company based in INDIA which is dedicated to serve you by building a long-lasting and lucrative relationship with your customers. We ensure your success that comes when your customers trust, purchase and recommend you. FLASHMA helps you to attain solutions that you can measure and base your future campaigns on. We use highly optimized Branding, Web Designs, SEO, PPC, Social Media, and other endeavors to reach the goal. Trust in FLASHMA and observe your business grow. We will ensure that your customers are pledged to your brand. You will definitely see an increase in sales and visibility in our work.

Service Description

Marketing Automation

FlashMA Marketing Automation save your marketing spending by 80%. Our tool observe your prospects’ online behaviors and needs. Based on it, we build your campaigns. So your prospects find the values and feel nervous to miss your service.

Web Design

We start your web design with sketches on paper. We craft very appropriate and unique design. We play with our creative mind and great websites come alive with our magic codes.

Email Marketing

Large portion of business conversions are happening through email marketing. But with the caveat of how valuable it is to your prospects. We give delicate attention in crafting headlines and sculpting body copy of your email campaigns. So that your prospects read till the last line and reach you back.

Social Media Marketing

To put your brand and service in front of people is lot more easier now. That’s why social media space is very noisy! But we create your social media campaigns that are original and inspirational. From it, your brand get maximum impression.


Companies with marvelous services are not identified by their buyers in google. Reason, company’s negligence on search engine optimization (SEO). In the google horizon, SEO is the oxygen. We plant all the SEO parameters in entire content we create for you. Google then will crawl your website and rate it high. Result? You will appear first to your prospects.

Market Data Research

FlashMA is endowed with a team of extremely experienced and knowledgeable individuals who are experts in the field of data research. Our team of seasoned project managers offers expert guidance on selecting methodology, sampling, giving inputs in subsequent project execution. We focus on a streamlined approach to ensure quality in every aspect of data collection. To ensure consistency, FlashMA offers extensive training programs and attract talent from diverse backgrounds at data collection level, which differentiates us from other market research companies in India. Our main goal is to provide you with the information that you may require at any time/stage. Our team of qualified researchers places high importance on accuracy and efficiency to ensure that you get the data you require on time.

Lead Generation

Leads generation, being the first step in bringing customers to the company, is why it is paid great attention. FlashMA leads generation services offer you increased number of targeted and qualified leads in B2B and B2C markets. In the world of digital marketing service, we can serve as your first step to get closer to the customer. FlashMA helps in providing pay per lead services to help in growth of online businesses. Why Lead Generation? • Increase in sales and revenue • Better ROI • Target desired customers • Save time and money • Increase conversion into leads • Easy to tracking clients


A statistic says “30 webpage view = 80% conversion”. We answer all your prospects’ questions in your blogs. It will become your prospects’ treasure hunt for information. They will find it, consume it and reciprocate to you by buying. Because for them, you are an authority in your field they can rely on.

Let your buyers find you easily

We are experts

We saved our clients’ marketing spending by 80%

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Why Choose Us

It’s clear that batch-and-blast marketing no longer works. Digital marketing tactics –and the marketing automation platforms that power them –aren’t just nice to have. They’re essential to reducing cycle times and ensuring your marketing campaigns keep pace with the market.

We are experienced in filtering and qualifying the leads for your business. Result? You will convert the hot leads with your least effort.

FlashMA can help you:

  • Influence The Conversation

    As the buyer’s journey begins online, preferences are often shaped far before a prospect contacts sales

  • Swell Revenue

    Consistent, high-quality leads generate more solid sales opportunities and close more deals

  • Pack Your Pipeline

    Digital marketing automation helps develop purchase intent and accelerates leads through the funnel

  • Pare Down Costs

    With less wasted time and duplication of efforts (and more resource efficiency) marketing costs shrink

How we do


  • Prepare your internal database.

  • Track, segment, and target your audience.

  • Engage them with email, social media, and content.

  • Nurture, route, and manage your leads.

  • Enable your sales team to take the reins.

Passionate Marketers and Experienced Developers

Quality Leads

We provide hot leads for your easy conversion

Responsive Design

We create fully responsive website design

Useful Content

We write content that will be highly consumed

SEO friendly

We are experts in SEO, we know google algorithms

We are Experts in

Marketing Automation

Web Design

Content Marketing


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